amabilées - film music and classical music for flute, harp and double bass

„One can not escape the charm of this extraordinary combination of instruments.”
Cellesche Zeitung

Within a few years amabilées have found a place in the hearts of audiences and critics alike.
Combining flute, harp and double bass, the classically trained musicians captivate audiences with enchanting film music from The Godfather or Chocolat and famous classical pieces such as Trois Gymnoédies or Le Carnaval des Animaux.

„Cinema for the imagination with magnificent sound images“ Gransee-Zeitung
„scintillating and playful“ Märkische Allgemeine
„Cinematic highlights(…), great sensitivity and distinct technical finesse.” Neue Westfälische
Their great merit, is that they have justly given film music compositions a new dignity 

to replace their previous shallow image. Cellesche Zeitung

Here are just a few of the venues and festivals where amabilées have performed:
Silvester-Gala Schloss Neuhardenberg
Haus der Berliner Festspiele
Scheinbar Varieté Berlin
Hotel de Rome Berlin
BKA-Theater Berlin
Kanapee Hannover
DKB Stiftung
Villa Harteneck Berlin
Thomas-Morus-Akademie Bensberg
Kaisersaal am Potsdamer Platz Berlin
Gala-Dinner im Krönungssaal Aachen
Niedersächsische Harfentage Hannover
Klassik-Festival Liebenberger Musiksommer
Romantik-Nächte im Tierpark Hagenbeck Hamburg.

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