flute impressions - flute lessons

"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80." (Henry Ford)

Each one of us is in a continuous personal development and lifelong learning process. Our brains restructure themselves continuously. To be dedicated to a hobby such as learning a musical instrument, on the neurophysiological level, results in new neural pathways. This becomes apparent in our everyday life when we realise that our horizons have been broadened: new ideas and challenges help us to perceive and understand the world in new ways, to expand our scope and to shape our personal development actively.

It’s never too late to engage in something new and fulfill our dreams!

photo: © Michael Setzpfandt
"Aerial flights and figures and 
a note of inner serenity and compassion.
The mood the flute evokes 

is one of yearning..."
Yehudi Menuhin

I think, Yehudi Menuhin's description captures the flute so aptly and it is exactly these qualities which have fascinated me since my early childhood. And maybe you have similar feelings...

The unique posture and unusual way to produce notes make this instrument very special for me.

Musical sense is natural, but musical taste can vary as can skills and talents... a challenge for one person is child's play for another. Motives and goals to learn the flute can also vary widely:

to let a cherished wish come true,
to start something new,
to prepare for a competition or entrance examination, 
to take up a hobby from childhood or youth,
 and many other things! 

For this reason I choose material in accordance with your strengths, weaknesses and interests. I use classical pieces and exercises and if desired, also improvisation as well as film music. Because I also work as a musical arranger, I adapt pieces for flute and can meet your needs and suggestions (if the music is suited).